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    Snowdon Mountain Railway Photo Appeal

    09th December 2011

    A month on from the widely reported fire that took place in the early hours of Sunday evening on November 7th at the Snowdon Mountain Railway offices, restoration work is still underway. The fire that started to the rear of the building was contained thanks to the crew men who rapidly responded. The building affected was built in the 1970s as an extension to an older building we know as the Chapel. The walls of this building (Chapel) are very thick and this helped stop the fire spreading. Unfortunately some of the archive materials including photographs dating back to the start of the railway, were held in this extension and were lost in the fire. In light of this unfortunate incident Snowdon Mountain Railway are appealing to the public for any photographs, old brochures, postcards, anything that they would be willing to donate in rebuilding the railway’s archive.In making this appeal we hope to rebuild a part of our social history. As we lost archive material we now turn to the general public to help us. Anything of significance to the railway will be greatly appreciated whether they are old photographs, film footage or anecdotal information. Interested members of the public can contact by email at info@snowdonrailway.co.uk Back to Recent News