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  • International Snowdon Race 2010

    International Snowdon Race 2010

    04th October 2009

    INTERNATIONAL SNOWDON RACE 2010 One of the toughest endurance challenges in Europe, the 10-mile race involves running from the edge of Lake Padarn in the village of Llanberis to the highest summit in Wales and England and back down. The first ever race was held on 19 July, 1976 after Ken Jones, a native of Llanberis put forward the idea to the village's Carnival Committee. Eighty-six runners turned up for the race and it was won by Dave Francis from Bristol who completed the course in 1 hour 12 minutes 05 seconds. "It was pure curiosity that sparked the idea of the Snowdon race," explains Ken. "As a walker and runner myself I'd always wondered what was the fastest time someone could run up and down Snowdon. So we arranged to hold the race as part of the annual Carnival activities in Llanberis and the event has grown ever since with up to 450 runners taking part this year." In 1980 Llanberis and the Snowdon Race twinned with the Trofeo Vanoni mountain race held every October in the Italian village of Morbegno at the foot of the Alps. "For nearly a quarter of a century the people of Llanberis have been welcoming the runners from Morbegno to their homes and by now we are very good friends," he adds. The Snowdon Race was televised for the first time in 1987 on S4C and today it is one of the main events of the national sporting calendar. Runners from more than ten different countries compete every year but it is also a very important event locally which helps put Llanberis on the map and is a boost to tourism and the local economy. The objective for the next few years of the race "will be to attract the big names in Mountain Running to Llanberis for the challenge of running Snowdon" said Stephen Edwards, current race organiser. Stephen has been on the race committee since he was 12 years old helping out with his dad and other members, and as he said \"it was an honour for me to be asked if I would take over the organisation of the race, a local lad from Llanberis carrying on the tradition, and I had to really as the committee isn't getting any younger" He went on in saying \"we have already started to organise the 2010 race already, and it is a full time job in a way although myself, other organisers and committee members, marshalls are all volunteers. But for me achieve my objectives for the race it will be a full time job, getting the best to Llanberis and providing the best for all competitors when arriving in Llanberis, and making sure they will return following year for bigger and better things". Any information will be available on www.snowdonrace.com RACE RECORDS These are the official records of the International Snowdon Race to date: MENS RACE 1:02:29 - K STUART (1985) WOMENS RACE 1:12:48 - C GREENWOOD (1993) SUMMIT MEN 39:47 - R BRYSON (1985) SUMMIT WOMEN 47:07 - C GREENWOOD (1993)

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